Looking for a Premier Auto Paint Shop in Texarkana, TX?

The car painting services at Precision Paint and Body are PPG certified

Precision Paint and Body LLC offers car painting services with a lifetime warranty. Our mechanics will color-match your car to meet factory standards. This guarantees a beautiful and glossy finish that'll restore your vehicle.

If you've been in an accident and need collision paint repair, visit our shop in Texarkana, TX.

Mend pesky damages with car paint scratch repair services

When your car is scratched, it throws off the overall aesthetic. Whether the scratches came from a key or a car accident, they're no match for our scratch repair services.
You should mend scratches immediately because:

  1. It makes your car look great
  2. It increases the car's value
  3. It protects your paint job

Those are sound reasons to get car paint scratch repair services. If you need this specific service, call us today to schedule your appointment in Texarkana, Texas.